The club has a very healthy membership of both Adults and Juniors, but is always keen to encourage new members to join and play.

We pride ourselves on being a very inclusive club, welcoming all ages and all abilities.

We are running an online membership system, run by the LTA, Clubspark (a dedicated club membership company) and GoCardless

(Note that you DO NOT need a GoCardless account to use this system)

This will allow most members to pay in 3 monthly instalments (April/May/June)

Please click here to register and join


All this means no more forms to fill in, but if needed relevant forms can be downloaded HERE in .pdf format

Hopefuly you will find the information you seek on this website –

If not, please contact Martin Williams (Membership Secretary) on 01642 791563 or at

Subs are due on 01 April, and for most members payment can be spread over the first 2/3 months of the season (only if online payment is used).
Please do make sure that subs are paid by end April, otherwise membership lapses.
Subscriptions (due 01 April 2020) for this season are:
Member Type Pay by end April Instalments
Adult £149 3  x  £50
Young Adult (U30) £102 3  x  £34
Couple £257 3  x  £85
Student (17 & under) £73 2  x  £37
Student (18 & over) £73 2  x  £37
Away Student £33 n/a
Junior (primary) £51 2  x  £26
Guardian £25 n/a
Winter Fees (after end Sept) 50% of relevant full season fee n/a